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Pro-Ject E1 Phono | E-Line Turntable

Pro-Ject E1 Phono | E-Line Turntable

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Details + Dimensions

E1 Phono turntable (cm) - 42.0 x 11.2 x 33.0

E1 Phono Turntable (KG) - 3.5

General Features

Speed - 33, 45 (electronic speed change)

Principle - Belt drive

Speed variance - 33: 0.7% 45: 0.6%

Wow & Flutter - 33: 0.25% 45: 0.23%

Platter - 300 mm with felt mat

SNR - 65dB

Tonearm - 8.6” aluminium

Effective arm length - 218.5mm

Overhang - 22 mm

Effective tonearm mass - 7.0 g

Included accessories - Dustcover, feltmat, 7" single adapter

Power Consumption - 4.5 Watts max

Power Supply - 15V DC / 0,8A power supply

Enjoy hours of music, radio, audiobooks, and more from all your favourite services thanks to the long-lasting rechargeable battery. Listen at home with WiFi and easily control the sound with the Sonos app, and stream with Bluetooth® everywhere else. Add more Sonos speakers around your home for multiroom listening. Everything works together over WiFi.


The E1 is a product made for music lovers, by music lovers. In an age where the market is awash with turntables, Pro-Ject Audio Systems are seeking to remain true to their audiophile roots, while listening to what customers want. The E1 is therefore effortlessly simple to set-up and produces a highly engaging, accessible sound that really makes your records sing. But it’s also made with no corners cut.


The tonearm on the E1 is a new 8.6” model featuring a one-piece aluminium tube, a two-point bearing assembly and a new fixed headshell. The result is a true hi-fi quality tonearm with low moving mass and good electrical isolation; perfect for accurate musical playback.


The tonearm is finished with an Ortofon OM 5E cartridge with elliptical diamond stylus for great sound. It is factory-set for downforce and anti-skate settings, so there’s no need for any complicated set-up; you can get playing straight out of the box!