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Sony HVL-F20M | External flash for Multi Interface Shoe

Sony HVL-F20M | External flash for Multi Interface Shoe

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General Information

Weight (KG) – 0.105

Dimensions - (cm) - 6.2 x 11.4 x 2.4

Mount type - Multi Interface Shoe

Maximum Guide Number - 20

Flash Coverage - 50mm (TELE position)/27mm (Standard position)

Bounce Angle - Up to 75 Degrees

Colour Temperature - 5500K

Flash duration - Within 1.4ms

Compact and slim with a body that’s only 24mm thick, but packed with advanced lighting features. Its guide number of 20 (GN20) makes it about two or three times brighter than a built-in flash. Powerful enough to illuminate subjects up to 5 meters away (TELE position, ISO 100, F4), it will expand your shooting possibilities.

Bounce Flash

As the name implies, “bounce flash” means light is bounced off a surface such as the ceiling rather than being directed straight at the subject. This reduces the intensity of shadows and produces a softer light for more natural looking images. Since the flash position can be easily adjusted via a slide switch, this bounce flash technique can be used anytime, anywhere.

Direct Flash

Simply use it facing forward as a direct flash that provides greater reach than the camera’s built-in flash. Whenever you need it, just attach it and count on its ability to bring out the details in evening outdoors situations as well as indoors in dimly lit rooms.

Automatic power on/off

The flash unit automatically powers on when it is raised into a shooting position, and turns off when the flash body is lowered flat. This means the flash is ready when you’re ready to shoot, and also helps to avoid unnecessary power drain while not in use.