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Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono | T-Line Turntable

Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono | T-Line Turntable

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Details + Dimensions

T2 Turntable (cm) - 45.7 x 13.4 x 33.5

T2 Turntable (KG) - 5.5

General Features

Speed - 33,45 RPM (electronic speed change)

Principle - Belt drive

Speed variance - 33: 0,6% 45: 0,5%

Wow & Flutter - 33: 0,19% 45: 0,17%

Platter - 10mm thick, 1,7kg heavy glass platter with felt mat

Main bearing - Stainless steel/brass

Signal to noise - 67dB

Tonearm - 9” aluminium

Effective arm length - 230 mm

Overhang - 22.0 mm

Effective tonearm mass - 9.5 g

Included accessories - Dustcover, feltmat, singles adapter, power supply, phono RCA cable

Power Supply - 15V / 800 mA DC, universal power supply

Power consumption - 4,5 W / <2W in network stand-by

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Mounted inside the plinth is a high-performance belt drive system featuring an electronically regulated, precision-speed AC motor, attached to Pro-Ject’s finely-engineered T-Line sub-platter, which is inserted into a stainless-steel axle/brass-bushing main bearing. The sub-platter drives the new heavy, zero-resonance glass platter with absolute stability, ensuring an ideal playback surface for vinyl records. Speed change is handled by a rocker switch for convenient switching between 33 and 45rpm.


The tonearm on the T2 is a new 9” model featuring a one-piece aluminium tube and an improved low-friction gimble bearing assembly with spring-loaded anti-skate mechanism for total accuracy in use. Mounted with the award-winning Sumiko Rainier cartridge for great sound out of the box, the tonearm is also pre-set for downforce, so there is no need for any complicated set-up; you can get playing straight away!


The T2 features high-quality output terminals and is supplied with correctly engineered cables for direct connection to your preferred phono stage. However, the T2 Super Phono boasts a built-in dual-stage, split-passive moving magnet phono pre-amplifier. Rivalling the technology employed in many more expensive external phono stages, this built-in solution guarantees true hi-fi stereo sound, and ensures the signal that gets passed on to the amplifier is of the highest quality.