Service and Support - Delivery and Installation - Terms and Conditions

From 8th March 2022, our premium installation package includes in-home servicing for 5 years starting from the date of delivery and running in tandem with the warranty. The service is generally provided on a no-quibble basis. For the avoidance of doubt however, an explanation of what is included (and not) is provided below.

If any of the newly installed equipment appears to be malfunctioning, or if the customer is having difficulty using the equipment and we have been unable to resolve the problem over the telephone, we will attend site at no additional charge to the customer for 5 years following the initial installation. Upon attending site, even if it becomes apparent that the problems experienced are not as the result of a fault with the new equipment we have provided and installed, there will be no charges levied on the customer.

We are only able to offer this additional support service within 75 miles of our store address


  • The customer changes TV or Broadband supplier or their existing provider supplies the customer with new equipment.
  • The customer purchases new devices which need to be added to the existing installation.
  • The customer decides to relocate the equipment within their home.
  • The customer uninstalls the equipment to decorate a room.
  • The customer moves property and requires our assistance to uninstall or reinstall the equipment.

In each of the above circumstances, the labour required to reconnect, re-install, re-attach or pair the equipment is chargeable. If we attend site and diagnose a problem with equipment that we have not supplied, or is out of warranty, there will be no charge for the call out, however we are not liable for the cost of repairing or replacing the defective equipment concerned.

Additional Charges
Where charges do apply, customers with premium support will be invoiced at £30 per hour (or part thereof). Our normal hourly rate outside of this agreement is £45 per hour.


Nature of the agreement
This agreement is between Serafini Retail Ltd and its customers. The agreement is not transferrable nor is there any binding requirement on any future owner of the dealership to honour the agreement in the event that there is a change of ownership. The agreement is not insurance backed and no personal liability applies to any director, employee or associate of Serafini Retail Ltd in the event that said company ceases to trade at a future point in time. No part of this agreement affects statutory rights under any and all applicable legislation.

Disclaimers & Liability
We aim to attend site within 3 working days of any request, however we make no contractual assurances regarding timescales for any such call-outs. In all instances we will endeavour to provide assistance in as timely a manner as possible. Serafini Retail accepts no liability for the work of any other organisation or individual engaged by the customer in relation to the equipment that we supply and install. 

NB: In home servicing is not available with our basic connection service.