Sony NW-WS414 | 8GB Waterproof Sports MP3 Player Headphones

  • £79.99
  • Save £10

Wrap-around headband for free movement Enjoy the freedom to move with a secure wrap-around headset. Designed to fit comfortably to your head, this lightweight headset stays in place, so you can run, jump, and train harder. Quick charge, 12-hour battery Running out the door to workout? Charge the NW-WS410 Walkman for just 3 minutes and get a full 60 minutes of use. With an impressive total battery life of up to 12 hours on a full charge and ready to go. Waterproof even in salt water Waterproof and Dustproof to IP65/IP68 specifications, the NW-WS410 Walkman will maintain operability when submerged in water to a depth of 2m for up to 30 minutes - even in salt water. The swimming earbuds must be used for the waterproof design to function correctly. Please note, after usage in salt water always wash your Walkman according to the supplied instructions.


  • Weight (KG) – 0.03


    • Internal Storage - 8GB
    • Expandable Memory - No
    • Battery Life - 7 Hours
    • Charging Time - 1.5 Hours
    • Radio - No
    • Waterproof - Yes